2017 Is Still Up for Grabs!

2017 is not over!! Let’s end it strong!! I double dare someone to get everything that God has promised you this year, You still have time. We have 4 more days!! 4 represents God’s creation on the 4th day came the existence of the stars, Moon, and sun. The Lord still wants to create a new idea, insight, and invention just for you. Yeah you! You still can turn the channel and change the frequency!! It’s all according to your faith!! Remember satan thought he had the victory when Jesus said it was finish on the cross but We know on the third day it all Turned in our favor!! So keep pushing, keep expecting and keep Winning this Year!! There is still time to write the book, live the Dream, write the vision, etc. and Run!! Don’t allow the enemy or your circumstances that didn’t work in your favor to rewrite the vision that God showed you!! Go be the Joseph today, Go be the Esther today and Embrace your Kingdom Inheritance!! It’s Yours!! 2017 is Yours!!!


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